SUNET and OptoSunet

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SUNET stands for Swedish University Computer Network. It is a joint organization for the universities, which, without being its own juridical person, works towards the goal that University Sweden will always have access to a computer network that maintains a very good quality.

The Swedish Research Council operates is the responsible administrative authority for SUNET and appoints the SUNET Board.

The Board has established a technical reference group to get advice in technical matters.

The daily work within SUNET is performed at several different universities. The University of Umeå is for example responsible for development and information. SUNET also has contact persons at the universities. These are specialized in different areas, e.g. e-mail, security, network structure.

SUNET and other research networks in the Nordic countries use NORDUnet for joint communication with the rest of the world. As a part of NORDUnet, SUNET is also connected to Géant, the European research network.

Todays university computer network is called OptoSunet. All the equipment required by OptoSunet are redundant – this provide the universities and university colleges in Sweden with a capacity of 10 Gbit/sec.

OptoSunet is a ”hybrid” network combining traditional routing technology with the optionof acquiring personal wavelengths for projects requiring high bandwidth capacity.

In Sweden, those who already need a computer network of this nature are primarily astronomers, cosmologists, particle physicists, pathologists and biomedical specialists.

Inlagd av Hans Wallberg den 03 maj 2008